2017: The Year of the Island?

So far 2017 is shaping up to be a big travel year. It’s slightly different in that the first couple of trips are to Islands, not National Parks. When I think of an island vacation, I usually think of lots of R&R, frozen drinks, and lounging in the sun. I am determined to make my upcoming trips a little more adventurous than that! My travel companion and I have been vigorously searching the interwebs for the things we absolutely must see and do.

First up: the Bahamas. I have been there before, and it was beautiful! March is a great time to escape the last traces of a Northern winter and head south. We definitely plan on lots of swimming, snorkeling, and hopefully some other adventures. It will be a quick trip, but I’m determined to fit in as much as possible. We will be spending a day at Atlantis and another day at a private island. I’m sure we will find something amazing on both!

Next up: Hawaii. I am so excited! I’ve never been and I am going to get to spend an entire week exploring. We are staying on the Big Island, which has a ton to offer. Looking at hiking Mauna Kea and the Napaū Trail. I can’t wait to see the ocean, lagoons, volcanoes, and all the natural plants and flowers. Also some waterfall exploration and lots of eating and drinking are on the itinerary!

Do you have any tips for either trip? Seclusion, physical challenge, and natural beauty are priorities.

So while this year is definitely starting out with an island vibe, other trips in the works include California’s Lost Coast and Banff National Park. Any tips on planning backpacking either of those would be greatly appreciated! It will be such a nice contrast to have both the island and mountain experience so close together.

I will be keeping you posted on planning and of course update with photos and trip journals afterward. On a grey winter day, it’s so nice to have these things to look forward to!



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