vintage teardrop camper

Have an adventurous weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? We will be busy with last minute holiday tasks, but can hopefully squeeze in at least a quick hike! Meanwhile, here are some fun links from around the web:

Are you as obsessed with camper vans as we are? This is a great alternative for when you want to camp without actually roughing it.

My hands were actually sweating reading this survival story!

‘Tis the season to waterproof your boots. Learn how here.

As we plan our trip to Zion in May, we are starting to think about waterproof cases for our iPhones when we do the Subway hike. Mike found this great review of 10 waterproof cases (fast forward to 8:45 for the results).

Reading trail journals is a great way to spend some cold winter evenings!

Have a great weekend, and remember to tag your adventures on instagram with #alltheadventures!


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