fall foliage

Happy Monday!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks we have had! We’ve been extremely busy with work and travel (not the fun kind) and doing all the things we have to do to be able to do the things we want to do.  Because of that, we have been kind of slacking on the blogging front.  We promise to make up for it! We hope you are all enjoying the great fall weather and spending some time in nature.

Since we’ve missed the last few fun Friday posts, we thought we’d give you some fun outdoors links from around the web to start your week off right!

Stories like this are why we always preach to carry extra food, water, and an emergency blanket. Glad she will be okay!

Winter is quickly approaching. Make sure your Gore-Tex is ready!

World’s most thrilling hikes. Which one would you pick?

Not really outdoor related, except now I want to kidnap a raccoon while I’m hiking!

Have a great week everyone, and stay tuned for some new blogs later this week!



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